Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services in Goose Creek Since 1990.

No matter how much you love being outside during the summer, you need a pleasantly cool indoor retreat to rest and recuperate after a day in the heat. Whether you own a single-family home or an office, choosing the right air conditioning system will help to ensure your comfort and lower your utility bills. If you want to shop for a new system or need to have air conditioning repairs completed, remember that it always pays to work with caring, licensed professionals.

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

Choosing an efficient air conditioning system for your home and taking good care of it is one of the best ways to cut down on energy usage without sacrificing comfort. While you may be able to take care of basic maintenance and repair tasks yourself, it’s important that you trust a professional to handle any tough jobs. We’re proud to provide a comprehensive selection of AC services to ensure that you’re never uncomfortable in your own home.

AC Installation

If you’re shopping for a new AC system, you’ve likely weighed many factors including system type, sizing and efficiency. To ensure that you get the most out of your carefully selected system, have it installed by an air conditioning professional. Here at Goose Creek Heating & Air, we hire technicians who have completed North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification. Your NATE-certified technician will take care of every aspect of the AC installation process and will calibrate your system to ensure that it is performing at its top capacity.

AC Repair

Dealing with an air conditioner breakdown can be very stressful. If you can’t identify the issue after a quick visual inspection of the unit, call in an HVAC professional. Your technician will thoroughly inspect your unit and diagnose system problems. After the issue has been identified, your technician will walk you through repair options. It is our goal to complete repairs as quickly as possible.

AC Maintenance and Service

Your home or business’s air conditioning system represents a significant monetary investment. It’s essential that you take good care of your AC unit so that it provides efficient service for years to come. During a maintenance appointment, your technician will inspect, clean and calibrate your AC unit. Your technician will also identify any potential repair needs before they cause a costly breakdown.

Working with Your Local Air Conditioning Experts

It’s important that you work with a local air conditioning contractor on whom you can rely. At Goose Creek Heating & Air, we’re proud to provide for the needs of residential and commercial customers throughout Goose Creek, Charleston, Summerville and the surrounding area. If you want to talk about AC installation, repairs or maintenance, please drop by or call us today.