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Our story

Back in the 90’s we were a one man shop founded by Robert Lee Wright Sr. Robert would catch calls on weekends and after work all throughout Charleston and the surrounding areas. 

Now we have 22 employees, a fully stocked warehouse, six Service vehicles and seven Install Specialists, but we still treat every customer just like Robert did. 

Throughout our growth, we’ve appreciated every up and down that has come with it. We are thankful for every customer and love that we all feel like family. 

As we continue to grow we want to expand our knowledge, so that we can provide the best service for every family and business in the area which is why we invested in an onsite training facility, become a NATE testing center with a proctor and an EPA Certification center. 

Each one of our employees has to complete a number of tests and hours of training before they are able to move to the next level on our team and gain more responsibility on job sites whether it be your home, your business or a new construction site.