How You Can Insulate Your Attic and Lower Your Energy Bill

As a homeowner in North Charleston, South Carolina, you should know that your attic can allow cold air to enter your home, which means proper insulation is a must. There are different types of insulation that can help to prevent drafts and reduce heat transfer so warm air stays inside your home. Insulate your attic so that you can save energy and enjoy a comfortable winter.

Schedule a Home Inspection First

Before you decide to insulate the attic, have a home performance evaluation to see if you actually have an insulation problem. Professional home performance evaluators can assess whether you need to add or replace insulation or if your home is already up to the challenge this winter. Your technician will also be able to determine what kind of insulation your attic needs.

Batt Insulation

This type, generally regarded as the first widely-installed residential insulation, comes in giant fiberglass rolls cut to fit the nooks and crannies of the attic. They don’t always do the greatest job, though, as they still leave gaps that allow hot air to leak out. The trade-off is that it’s the cheapest form of insulation, and very easy to install.

Blown Insulation

Although this requires professional installation, blown insulation is a better alternative to batts. A technician takes a hose and blows the insulation into specific areas, leaving no sign of ceiling framing, which means that very little air escapes. This method is a bit more expensive, and you wouldn’t typically do it yourself.

Spray Insulation

This roofing insulation is superior batt and blown insulation as it works better and leaves more attic space. Instead of being applied to the floor like with other types, spray insulation is applied directly to the underside of the roof. This reduces the amount of warm air that escapes from the attic.

Before you go about investing in extra insulation, remember to schedule a home performance evaluation first. Once you’ve addressed any insulation issues, make sure all the other heating components of your house are in order to help you save even more money. The professionals at Goose Creek Heating & Air, Inc. have the solutions for your residential heating needs. Contact them today to schedule an appointment at 888-880-1131.

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