Replace Your Outdoor and Indoor Units at the Same Time

InstallerResizedSooner or later, all homeowners will face the prospect of replacing their air conditioners. Split systems consist of an outdoor compressor and condenser, and an indoor air handler. When these split systems are newly installed, the two sides of the system are matched to work together for top efficiency and performance. When one side of the system fails, the homeowner may naturally seek to just replace the malfunctioning unit. However, it is actually best to replace both the outdoor and indoor units at the same time.

Benefits of Full Replacement

Replacing only one side of your aging A/C might cost less now, but you will pay more in the long run than if you replaced both units.

  • The indoor and outdoor units are generally designed to work together. It might be time-consuming and difficult to try to find an ideal match that is sold separately. Using any other type of unit is likely to compromise the efficiency of the system. This is especially important in the case of older units.
  • There is also the matter of recent design changes. Newer air handlers, for instance, are available with much greater efficiency than even 10 years ago. You don’t want to invest in advanced technology for just one side of the system and not get the full benefit you would realize if it were matched to the outdoor unit.
  • There may be warranty implications if only one section is replaced. You will need to be sure that you don’t void the warranty of the other unit by replacing only one section. You will want to be sure your warranty covers the entire system.
  • Efficiency ratings were assigned based on the operation of the system as a whole. Altering the system configuration will make that rating unreliable or inapplicable.
  • Refrigerant for a new system will be a non-ozone depleting option, while your old system might have used the older R-22 refrigerant. That refrigerant is being phased out worldwide because it is an ozone-depleting chemical. Mixing units that use different types of refrigerant will result in system failure.

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